Mission and Guiding Principles

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Our Mission:

To enhance children’s lives . . . physically, emotionally and socially.

Our Guiding Principles:

Partnership:  A partnership is an agreement where people come together to serve a joint interest that is greater than the individual.  We partner with parents to enhance children’s lives, the goal which comes first. 

Creativity: Our practice engages our patients through color, design and texture; it is a place where children look forward to expressing themselves in wellness and as a part of the healing process.

Love: We practice a love for all humanity: inclusive, respectful, generous and kind. Our goal is to ensure every patient we see is honored for who they are and to help parents transition from management to consulting, as the child develops their ability to succeed as an adult.

Communication: Communication is the key to supporting our guiding principles.  We will always tell the truth on behalf of our patient’s best interest—based on our experience, knowledge and training. 

In practice, our values are:

  • Open, Honest, Direct Communication
  • Respect of Self and Others
  • Responsibility for One’s Choices
  • Accountability to Others and Willingness to Hold Others Accountable
  • Inclusion of All Members and All Parts of Self

Credited here, with gratitude, to Glenn Siegel M.D. and Mary Pittman, R.N.