"Thank You for being Blair's Pediatrician! We have greatly appreciated your advice and answers to our questions. The way you run your office is just fantastic! Truly, we are sorry to move away and lose you as a pediatrician. You have been just so great, and we cannot thank you enough."
- Chelsea C

"Almost one year ago I received services from Polar Pediatrics for my newborn son. Dr. Child visited with me before my son was born and in the hospital. She was wonderful. She explained the procedures that would be done, why they were important, and my options in a way I could understand. Later I myself suffered an infection and had trouble nursing. I was not aware of the infection until I visited Dr. Child for my son.

Without her practical knowledge and experience I doubt I would be able to continue nursing as I have for almost a year! She took the time to listen to me and understand my concerns for my son and as a new parent. I have since moved from the area and have yet to find another pediatrician that has the kind of compassion and expertise that she demonstrated. After discontinuing our services for over 9 months I still remember her fondly and made it a priority to ensure Polar Pediatrics understands how valuable the experience was for me and my family." - Tyne S

"Great doctor, great location. I love the fact that so much time was obviously spent in making the place child friendly with fabulous artwork. She spent extra time answering questions. Was through and my kids just loved her. Since when can you find a doctor willing to do house calls in any circumstance? My baby even got her own quilted baby blanket laid out at the visit." - Molly

"Great doctor! Tired of institutional or corporate medicine? Try Dr. Child. I am really glad to find Dr. Child. Spread the word and help support this great solo (!!!) practice." - Larry B

Dr. Child is a real find. Her philosophy of patient centered medicine is such a rarity these days. We always see her on our visits and she takes an interest in our family. My children enjoy the office decorations and toys. - Sharon

"Great Doc, neat office. We really enjoyed having Dr Monique as our pediatrician. Her office is really positive and she seems really invested in our family. Not an ordinary doctor experience. Highly recommended." - John T