What Makes Us Unique?

  • You will always see Dr. Child during your office visit, not a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner (you might even see her shoveling the walkway when you arrive).
  • We get to know you and your child—Dr. Child won’t be focusing on your file when you see her; she will be focusing on your child.
  • We emphasize the well-being of the whole child, rather than a set of symptoms to be treated. This means that your child’s treatment will consider your child’s history, personality, and sensitivities.
  • We seek ways to support your child’s health, day-to-day, not just when you are in our office.
  • Your appointment will begin at the scheduled time.
  • We’ve chosen a location away from the hubbub of big medical facilities to create a vibrant, playful environment with your child’s comfort in mind.
  • Dr. Child is motivated by her love of children and her love of her work. She believes in working in a way that fosters the best in everyone—the children she serves, her patients' parents, her employees, and herself.
  • If you’ve done a prenatal visit, Dr. Child will quilt a blanket for your newborn. Each time your child visits, she will conduct their exam on their own blanket, for comfort and familiarity. At their first birthday, your child will be able to take the blanket home with them.

What You Need to Know About Our Practice

  • We practice medicine in person. There is ample research showing that physicians don’t practice their best over the phone. Nurses, however, are fabulous at doing so. This means that if you want to talk with Dr. Child about your child’s health or ask her questions, it is best to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, your child will be best served if you call the RN advice line at 907-212-4900.
  • We see you at your scheduled time. If your appointment is scheduled for 1 p.m., we plan to see you at 1 p.m. Arriving late (or even too early) can cause disruptions for other patients. Please consider this when scheduling your appointment and communicate with us if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from being on time. Also, as a small office, we cannot accommodate walk-ins or dropping by. Please call to schedule.
  • Dr. Child makes herself available in urgent situations. If Dr. Child is available after hours or on the weekend, she will see established patients. If you wish to see her, call the office and leave one message. She will call you back if she can.
  • Dr. Child regularly travels. Dr. Child is passionate about her patients and about sharing her skills through aid work, education, personal/professional development, and activism. She believes that these are qualities that make her a better doctor and a healthier person. She also believes that this is a way to model what she teaches to the families she works with. What does this mean to you? She isn’t always in town. She manages appointments in such a way that she only schedules wellness visits when she is in Anchorage. In the event your child needs more immediate care and she is out of town, you will be able to see trusted caregivers to whom she will refer you.